Litigation PR

Sometimes public relations (PR) can be a necessary and effective tool in an overall litigation strategy.

In some cases, PR can be used to create sufficient pressure to bring the other side to the negotiating table. Other times, PR can be used to tell your side of the story to prospective jurors. In other instances, good communication can simply be a way to protect your valuable reputation in the midst of a caustic legal matter.

The Litigation PR Process

Litigation Public Relations in Portland Oregon

When we are brought into a litigation situation, we are typically retained by our client’s legal counsel to ensure a close coordination between their legal and PR strategies and to ensure protection of confidential communication.

Our award-winning PR team works with our clients to:

    • Develop and maintain clear and credible messaging
    • Identify and prioritize their most important stakeholders
    • Devise a customized plan to deliver these messages through the most appropriate channels

We will either serve as our client’s public spokesperson or help them identify and train one within their organization. We will also advise and assist clients with external communication (such as the news media) as well as internal communication (employees and other stakeholders).

Contact Hubbell Communications

Hubbell Communications is an award-winning PR firm in Portland, Oregon. We are dedicated to helping our clients overcome complex issues and deliver effective messaging to the most appropriate channels.

Contact Ward Hubbell (President) or Scott Bruun (Principal) to discuss your litigation issue.

After a brief conversation, we can tell you whether we are a potential fit or if we need to refer you to someone else.

If you’re ready to proceed, we can schedule a follow-up meeting to collect the information we need to produce a scope of work and budget for you. Otherwise, we will provide you with any information you need to help make your decision.