Internal Communications

Survey after survey, the number one employee complaint is lack of or inadequate communication from management about the company, how it’s doing, and what individual employees can do to improve overall performance.

Most companies have some form of employee communication, but many are either dissatisfied or unsure of its effectiveness.

The Internal Communications Process

Internal Communications Portland Oregon

Our internal communications services begin with a thorough audit of a client’s existing communications program and how it’s perceived internally.

This audit is prepared based on one-on-one interviews with key management and rank and file employees. In certain cases, we might also use employee focus groups and/or surveys.

From there, we develop a report that assesses the current state and makes recommendations for improvement. The client can either implement those recommendations themselves or ask us for help.

When we do engage beyond the initial report, we provide a full range of internal communications services including scripting for employee meetings, production of employee videos and publications, spokesperson training, and design of employee recognition and other incentive programs.

Get Started with Hubbell Communications

Hubbell Communications has provided nationwide award-winning public relations services since 2003. Additional PR services include crisis communication, litigation, and media relations.

Contact Ward Hubbell (President) or Scott Bruun (Principal) to discuss your internal communications issue(s).

After a brief conversation, we can tell you whether we are a potential fit or if we need to refer you to someone else.

If you’re ready to proceed, we can schedule a follow-up meeting to collect the information we need to produce a scope of work and budget for you. Otherwise, we can provide you with any information you need to help you make your decision.