Public Relations

pub·lic re·la·tionsnoun – the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization.

Hubbell Communications is a public relations firm. We harness the power of words and images to enhance or repair reputations, manage difficult situations and improve the understanding of complex matters.

What is Public Relations?

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Public relations encompasses the execution of strategic communication tactics – message development, media relations, digital outreach, coalition building – to build support or opposition for a particular point of view. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, which rely on paid placements, most PR campaigns seek to generate true, organic, third-party support for a client’s goals and objectives.

When a complex PR challenge outstrips the internal capacity or an organization, or when an outside, third-party perspective is needed to adequately address an issue, we step in. As an outside firm, we can devote more resources towards addressing an issue, freeing our clients to focus on their core business. Following are some of the public relations services we offer at Hubbell Communications:

  • Crisis Communication – When bad things happen, what you do and how you communicate can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your reputation. We develop and execute strategies to help you survive a PR crisis.
  • Litigation PR – Sometimes public relations can be a necessary and effective tool in an overall litigation strategy. We work closely with your legal counsel to execute a PR effort that complements your legal strategy.
  • Internal Communication – It is vital to maintain consistent and quality communication with employees about the business and their role in improving overall performance. We conduct audits and develop strategies to help you communicate clearly and consistently with your workforce.
  • Media Relations – Telling your story strategically and effectively through the media can create tremendous leverage for your brand and business. We help clients develop their messages and deliver them through the ever evolving landscape of print, broadcast, and digital media.

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About Hubbell Communications

Hubbell Communications is an award-winning PR firm based in Portland, Oregon. Our team of PR experts help our clients tackle complex issues and develop the coordination needed to execute effective PR strategies.