Grassroots Advocacy

There is perhaps no force more powerful in shaping public policy and public opinion than the spontaneous actions of uniquely affected grassroots activists. No matter how complex or esoteric the issue, the practical effects of it will ultimately trickle down to the individual voter or constituent.

Our job is to connect those dots, identify the affected groups and help them become forceful advocates for their own self-interest.

The Grassroots Advocacy Process

Grassroots Advocacy Public Affairs Services in Portland, Oregon

Our grassroots advocacy services begin with our gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s public policy issue, their objectives and the politics surrounding that.

We may field a targeted poll to help us message the issue and better understand constituent sentiment.

From there, we develop an outreach plan specifically targeted to the interest groups that are uniquely impacted by the issue.

We identify and train credible stakeholders and then deploy them in a number of ways including participation in editorial board meetings, media interviews, delivering public testimony and visiting legislators.

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