Coalition Management

There is strength in numbers, and nowhere does this apply more than in matters of public policy.

Sometimes like-minded companies, industries or organizations find that by banding together around a particular public policy issue, they can not only be more persuasive, but can also avoid unnecessarily singling themselves out particularly when the issue is controversial.

The Coalition Management Process

Coalition Management Public Affairs Services in Portland, Oregon

Our coalition management services begin with gaining a thorough understanding of a client(s) issue and who else it might affect. Of particular interest are groups that are uniquely impacted by the issue but who do not have a profit motive.

From there, we develop a name and brand identity for the coalition and, if necessary, assist our client(s) in creating a separate legal structure for the group.

Once formed, we provide a full range of services which could include paid and earned media, creation of digital assets (website and social media platforms) and other creative materials, ally recruitment, and an advocacy plan designed specifically to achieve the public policy objectives of the client(s).

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