Ballot Initiatives

Increasingly, tough policy questions are being resolved by a vote of the people, rather than through the legislative process.

Ballot initiatives, therefore are becoming more impactful to business and addressing them successfully requires a specialized set of political and campaign skills and experiences.

Ballot Initiatives Public Relations

The Ballot Initiative Process

Our ballot initiative campaigns are designed and managed by campaign veterans who know and understand the intricacies of elections and how to navigate to a victory.

Our services begin with a careful study of the issue, the electorate and any previous public votes that might provide insight into how our client’s issue might fare.

Early in the process, we will design and commission a poll that will help us determine optimal messaging, preferred timing (a general or off cycle election), credible messengers and the most effective communication vehicles and channels. If necessary, we can assist in forming a political action committee, a fundraising mechanism, and a campaign finance reporting process.

From there we will design and manage a campaign that typically consists of paid and earned media, digital outreach, direct mailings, events, signage and an aggressive field component.

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