Public Affairs

pub·lic af·fairs – noun – matters of general interest or concern, especially those dealing with current social or political issues.

Hubbell Communications is a public affairs firm. We understand how public decisions are made and how to influence them. We leverage the power of words, images and people to advance the public policy goals of our clients.

What is Public Affairs?

Public affairs can help companies, organizations and individuals complement their advocacy efforts through strategic communication tools such as media relations, digital advocacy and coalition building. By strategically executing public affairs tools, we are able to influence target audiences and build support for our client’s public policy and/or business objectives.

What Does a Public Affairs Specialist Do?

Public Affairs with Ward Hubbell

From developing strategic messaging to the implementation of digital tools such as websites and social media platforms, our team is able to broadly communicate and build support for our client’s policy objectives. We use the most effective and up-to-date outreach tools available to reach new audiences, foster relationships and formalize alliances. Following are some of the public affairs services we offer at Hubbell Communications:

  • Ballot Initiatives – Increasingly, tough policy questions are being resolved by a vote of the people rather than through the legislative process, making ballot initiatives ever more impactful to business. We leverage our decades of combined campaign experience to help you win at the ballot box.
  • Coalition Management – Sometimes like-minded companies, industries or organizations find that by banding together around a particular public policy issue they can be more persuasive and avoid unnecessarily singling themselves out, particularly when the issue is controversial. We create and manage multi-stakeholder coalitions to advance our clients’ public policy objectives.
  • Issue Advocacy – As issue advocates, our job is to create an external environment – supportive media coverage, digital activity, grassroots activism – so that a lobbyist or advocate can deliver the votes and be successful. We bring decades of public policy and communications experience to help our clients and their advocates be successful in state legislatures, county commissions   and city halls.
  • Grassroots Advocacy – No matter how complex or esoteric the issue, its practical effects will ultimately trickle down to the individual voter or constituent. Connecting those dots by identifying the affected groups and helping them become forceful advocates for their own self-interest is at the heart of grassroots advocacy.
  • Digital Advocacy – There is no greater game changer in the world of influencing public opinion than digital communication and social media. Understanding and leveraging the power of this technology can often mean the difference between success and failure. We are experts in identifying and implementing digital strategies to help our clients succeed.


About Hubbell Communications

Hubbell Communications is an award-winning public affairs firm based in Portland, Oregon. Our team of public affairs experts strive to protect our clients’ interests by building support for their business and policy objectives through strategic messaging, media relations, digital advocacy and coalition building.

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