5 Qualities to Look for Before Hiring a PR firm

Hiring a PR firm can be daunting, especially given how much the lines have blurred between PR firms, advertising agencies, marketing and digital firms over the years. In the old days, ad agencies did advertising, PR firms did PR, marketing firms marketed, and so on. Today, it’s hard to tell who does what. There are [...]

June 24th, 2016|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

Getting your foot in the door for a PR career

December 10, 2015 PR is an attractive field because it has an aura of glitz and glamour – high-profile events, media interactions, creative brainstorming sessions and schmoozing with folks in high places. While there are moments like these in the life of a PR professional, most of us typically spend much more time doing, shall [...]

December 10th, 2015|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

Watch your Words

April 13, 2015 With the soap opera of Cylvia Hayes’ emails continuing to play out in the media, it’s worth noting a truism in politics,Public Relations and, increasingly, life in general: If you wouldn’t want to read it in your local paper or online, don’t put it in an email. We’ve all heard this and [...]

April 13th, 2015|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

University of Oregon offers prime example of strong crisis response

The meningococcal meningitis outbreak at University of Oregon is an unmitigated tragedy that words cannot begin to capture, and so I won’t even go there. What is worth calling out, however, is the way in which the university has been responding. From the frequent, factual updates to give everyone a better understanding of what is [...]

March 20th, 2015|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

Merry Christmas!

Dec 23, 2014 Dear Clients and Friends: As we begin to close out 2014, unplug and enjoy the remaining days of the year with family and friends, I would like to thank all who have supported us and followed our progress. Every year is full of surprises, and in that regard 2014 did not disappoint. [...]

December 23rd, 2014|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

‘Do the right thing’ – gratify some, and astonish the rest

Dec 17, 2014 Ward recently participated in a panel discussion at the annual conference of the Northwest Environmental Business Council, which brings together environmental, operations and sustainability professionals and aims to give companies the information they need to stay competitive and ahead of the curve. Ward’s panel included colleagues from the PR and legal world [...]

December 17th, 2014|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

Insights from Ward: Predicting and influencing behavior

Oct 14, 2014 Here’s an interesting read. It reminds me of a paper I wrote years ago in grad school on group polarization, a theory that says people with similar views on a controversial issue will become more extreme when they discuss that issue with someone who has a similar point of view. The thinking [...]

October 14th, 2014|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

The more things change… (Reflecting on Athens)

May 12, 2014 Ward Hubbell, President of Hubbell Communications, just returned from a week in Greece. Here’s what he had to say about the experience: “I spent last week at the Global Leadership Conference of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). EO is a 10,000-member global organization of entrepreneurs and business owners. I am honored to serve [...]

May 12th, 2014|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Hubbell Communications. It’s been a great year for us and we hope you’ve had a good one as well. Here are some of the things that have kept us busy the last few months. Hubbell grows its energy practice 2013 has been a significant growth year for HC’s energy [...]

December 9th, 2013|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|

Ask the Expert: Ward Hubbell discusses Crisis Management

Ward Hubbell contributed the following to the Portland Business Journal’s Ask the Expert pages this month: Q. How can I prevent a PR crisis in my organization? A. No one can keep bad things from ever happening but you can be prepared when and if they do. To minimize the reputational damage of a crisis, [...]

January 24th, 2013|Commentary, Ward Hubbell|