Beyoncé & Jay-Z: Marital Feud or PR Hype?

Way back in April, when Beyoncé released her now-infamous Lemonade album, social media erupted over rumors of marital strife between her and her husband, rapper (and media mogul, sports agent and designer) Jay-Z. While we may never know the true identify of “Becky with the good hair” (or if she’s even a real person), we [...]

May 19th, 2016|Chris Edmonds, Commentary|

The Challenges of PR in Unregulated Industries

In an age where nearly every issue is political fodder, an increasing number of debates around substantive public policy proposals are being waged through tweets and sound bites. Fostered by the advent of social media and click-driven journalism, important and complex issues are more vulnerable than ever to misinterpretation, spin and knee-jerk policy-making. Change of [...]

March 25th, 2016|Chris Edmonds, Commentary|

How to Bounce Back After a Social Media PR Blunder

In the marketplace of social media, successful brands are the ones who are able to leverage their assets into an authentic and meaningful conversation about topics that their target customers actually care about. These brands understand that establishing a consistent and genuine voice requires both vulnerability and honesty – two things that people relate to. [...]

January 14th, 2016|Chris Edmonds, Commentary|